Welcome to Meiling Lee Clinic!

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Meiling Lee Clinic, Founded in 1980 by Mrs. Meliana Isan who is dedicated to the world of aesthetics and continues to innovate by following the times

Vision of Meiling Lee Clinic

Become the leading skin care clinic in technology and trusted in the field of health care and skin beauty in Indonesia. Always provide quality & excellent service

Mission of Meiling Lee Health & Skin Center

1. Providing facial, hair & body care services and health with the latest technology by professional staff.
2. Providing the best and most complete facilities (One Stop Beauty) that are in line with the times and technology.
3. To update the science and technology of doctors and beauticians.
4. Prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Meiling Lee Clinic Philosophy & Value Caring, Empathy and personalized Therapy are always applied because you have different skin problems from another. Because personally intimacy to our patient for us is obligatory to take care of our health and customer satisfaction is the philosophy of our clinic.